What Autistic means to me

I am the proud and very blessed mom to three amazing little beings. I love my children more than meer words can ever explain.

Today’s post though is about my middle child. My son. My bug! (and I say that with great affection)

My bug is the most amazing little man who I have ever known. Now granted I am rather biased. He is after all one of my children. One of my three pride and joy’s.

My bug is smart and artistic. He loves trains more than anything in the world. He loves to crazy dance and is slowly learning to sing. My bug is amazing with numbers and math. At his very young age of 6 he can do square roots and multiplication that I can’t wrap my head around even with a calculator in hand. (Not to boast by I am by no means unintelligent so this is saying a lot in my opinion.) My little man likes to wear head phones basically all the time to reduce the noise around him. He needs a window seat on the bus because he loves to watch the world go by. He loves to draw and paint. He has the most organized hot wheels cars that I have ever seen!

My bug gives the best hugs ever! He holds tight for a very long time. He is sweet to every animal he has ever come across, to the point that he tried to play fetch with a coyote and wanted to pet the tigers at the zoo. He is the best little and big brother that my girls could ever ask for. He is creative and brilliant when it comes to building things. There is not enough lego in the world to keep him content.

My bug likes to hum…. non stop.

My little man likes to spin and flap his hands.

My little bug is the pickest eater I have ever known. He has his favorites and that’s about it. Chicken nuggets, raw spinach, apples, peanut butter sandwiches and basically any kind of cracker and cereal. I can live with this. He eats well even when what he eats is limited.

My little bug almost died when he was 16 months old. His lungs couldn’t handle every day life. Thanks to amazing doctors, support and prayer. My little man survived surgery, isolation and a long hard road to recovery. He struggles every day and his lungs still are not very strong, but he doesn’t let it stop him.

His best friend is a stuffed elephant. “Peanut” is everything to my bug. He comes everywhere with us and I dread the day that Peanut wears out or goes off on his own adventure with out my bug. No back up or replacement will do. I watch Peanut as if he was my 4th child just because he is that important and really is a member of the family. Peanut helps us all function.

My bug has been bullied and picked on. By children and sadly even adults. He has been called names and mocked and yet, he still smiles.

He laugs and giggles with pure joy. He does this often…. sometimes even when its not a great time to laugh or not something that should be laughed at.

My son teaches me more that I could ever hope to teach him.

My son, my bug…. is Autistic.

I love it! I wouldn’t change it for anything. I don’t want a “cure”.

I want understanding and acceptance for him and for my fiance and I as parents. I want compassion and acceptance for my girls, especially our oldest who is his biggest defender and friend. She gives up her time at recess to play with her brother (which means walking along the fence by his side, or watching him go down the elephant slide over and over) just because she doesn’t want to see him alone.

He doesn’t “fit” in with the other kids. He doesn’t really have friends. And yet…

He is the happiest, most joy filled little boy I have ever known.

I am blessed and honored to be his momma.

In our life and our family, AUTISM is AWESOME!


3 thoughts on “What Autistic means to me”

  1. Wow, 4 posts and I am speechless. You are a strong, naturally good hearted human being with the biggest range for forgiveness I’ve ever heard of!! Stay that way, the World needs more of you!!!


    1. I’m not so sure about that. I do my best everyday given a very weird set of circumstances. I just feel that there is no point dwelling on what could have been. Instead just looking forward. Forward is beautiful and happy! Thank you!


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